Our Services

Our Services

The term “financial planning” is a broad one. A typical financial plan is a lengthy process of collecting data, massaging it and modifying it as life changes. Under this Financial Planner/Employer relationship, these services could be defined as “focused financial planning” that address only the financial topics of interest to your employee. To picture our typical model, imagine a psychiatrist who provides hourly sessions for patients. Our financial planner-employee financial planning appointments are set up similarly, in a private setting for one hour. Your employees contact our scheduling manager via a dedicated support line, or email address, to find the time and location that works best with his or her schedule. They will be matched with the advisor who can best meet their needs. When the employee arrives, he or she will have a private meeting with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, registered investment advisor, Certified Student Loan Professional® or Certified Divorce Financial Advisor®.

 How we get started

There are several logistical items required to get started. We collect a lot of plan documents and benefits materials. We seek the best methods to get acquainted with your organization, your management staff, your culture, your benefit programs, your locations, and your resources. We coordinate all of these activities in our first few months, working together to ensure that we always present your organization in the most positive light. We are, after all, representing your organization and you can count on us to bolster your efforts to your workforce. We work to empower your employees with realistic financial goals, and provide the tools to plan and stay on track. We work directly with your benefits and finance departments to coordinate activities with other internal initiatives launched throughout the year.

Retirement plan modifications? Changes are often greeted with fear and skepticism. We are the independent voice that employees rely on to provide trusted, personal, financial advice. Many employees either don’t read or don’t understand what is conveyed, so we speak in a language that employees can understand.

One-On-One Financial Planning services for employees

Just like it says, “One-On-One”. We provide individualized services for every employee, nothing pre-packaged, it’s all about each employee’s specific needs. This counseling service provides Fiduciary relief for employers that incorporates an outside team of registered, qualified, independent financial planning & investment professionals.:

Understanding employee benefits and how to maximize them

• Working to reach vesting or full pension benefits

• When to take advantage of pensions and when to wait

• Pre-tax or Roth?

• High or low deductible health plans?

• To HSA or NOT to HSA?

• Opting for additional disability or life insurance

• Investing for retirement

• How?

• How much?

• Where to invest and in what percentage?

Projecting results of investing for retirement

• Will I meet my goals for retirement?

• How long do I need to work?

• How much can I spend when I retire?

• What are my income sources?

• Projections for one and two-earner households

Student loans

• Planning for your child’s education

• Paying for children’s school loans

• Paying your own student debt

• Loan Forgiveness Programs

The 3 D’s: Death, Divorce, Devastation

• Discussions about wills, trusts and beneficiaries

• Handling the after-effects of a sudden death in the family

• Preparing for a divorce and understanding what “fair” means

• Dealing with an unforeseen financial crisis