Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

First, we start with a Comprehensive Financial Plan. This is the dog that wags the tail. We feel that many investment advisors spend too much time focusing on the investments and too little time focusing on your goals, and the best path to meet those goals. Once we determine your path, our ongoing mantra is high service, Fee-Only, Asset Allocation, and Diversification. The success of any portfolio should stem from a well-designed strategic asset allocation. By selecting the right mix of assets that suit an individual’s risk tolerance, your portfolios will be well positioned to maximize returns relative to risk over the long term. We believe this strategy contributes to at least 80% of a portfolio’s success, allowing it to navigate through the uncertainties and unpredictability of the market. The other 20% filters back to the quality of the investments and the investment managers. We are not tied to any one investment manager and based upon what is available in the marketplace, we will modify our preferred funds over time.

Our model portfolios are constructed from estimated risk and return expectations over the coming five years, and the interactions between asset classes. We combine active and passive strategies using mutual funds and ETF’s while allowing you to select or maintain legacy investments. We believe the key to protecting and growing wealth over time is in discipline and constant monitoring.

Feel strongly about Socially Responsible Investments (SRI’s)? Want to invest in the future of the planet? We offer a diversified lineup of SRI’s, just ask your advisor and we’re happy to construct the right portfolio for you!

Our philosophy in serving clients

• Gather a lot of data to produce your financial plan. This is not a one-time event, but an ongoing process.

• Determine needs. You will tell us what you think you need, and your financial plan will add to your list.

• Seek the best approach to meet our clients’ goals. Your financial plan is such a great conductor here.

• Seek the best investment vehicles to meet our clients’ goals. Your financial plan combined with your risk tolerance puts this in a nice little box tied up with a ribbon.

• Maintain contact and keep our eye on life changes that affect your goals. Any goal changes are incorporated in your financial plan.

• Review and reallocate assets as the market moves and changes. Any changes are added to your financial plan.

• Are you seeing a pattern here? Without a Comprehensive Financial Plan, investing is just a game of darts!