Investment Philosophy

Investment Philosophy

The technical version:

We believe the success of a long-term portfolio stems from well-designed strategic asset allocation. By selecting the right mix of assets that suit an individual’s risk tolerance, the client’s portfolios are well positioned to maximize returns relative to risk over the long term. We also believe this contributes to at least 80% of a portfolio’s success, allowing it to navigate through uncertainties and the unpredictability of the market.

Our model portfolios are constructed from estimated risk and return expectations over the coming five years, and the interactions between asset classes. We then combine active and passive strategies using mutual funds and ETF’s while allowing the client to select or maintain legacy investments. We believe discipline and constant monitoring within a long-term approach is key in protecting and growing wealth over time.

In human terms:

• Gather as much data on our clients as is humanly possible. We do this both from gathering financial data and through discussions with our clients. This is not a one-time process but a practice that never ends.

• Determine needs, based on both what is conveyed to us by our clients and from what is stated in the financial plan.

• Seek the best approach to meet our clients’ goals.

• Seek the best investment vehicles to meet our clients’ goals.

• Maintain contact and keep our eye on changes in our clients’ lives that affect their goals.

• Review and reallocate assets as the market moves and changes.

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