What We Do

What We Do

If you’re looking for sound financial planning and wealth management without all of the confusing jargon, then you’ve come to the right place. Thanks to our work communicating to employees of all levels in our consulting practice, we understand that the same language doesn’t work for everyone. Let’s face it, this is a confusing field and unless you have the time to read volumes of data it is likely that your understanding of financial planning is about the same as our understanding of your field of study. We make a concerted effort to explain your financial position, and what we both need to do to bring your plan to a successful conclusion, all while enjoying a collaborative relationship.

Our professionals are consultants at heart who will not invest a dollar of your hard-earned savings without first understanding who you are and what goals you seek to achieve.

We are both financial planners and wealth advisors who have decades of experience helping thousands of doctors, nurse practitioners, physician’s assistants, nurses, scientists, union members and public employees with the opportunity to invest wisely for the long term. We are not promising to make a pauper into an overnight millionaire, but we will seek to increase your wealth with a sound savings and investment plan.

Our recommendations are derived from a comprehensive Financial Plan that is built on your data alone. This critical document will act as a guide for both our work and yours going forward. We do not charge an additional fee for your Financial Plan as we find it is an instrumental tool in our ability to provide the best services to meet your goals.

The Steps to Success

1. We will interview each other. This is a very personal business. One of our clients told us one day “I tell you more than I tell my psychiatrist!” As you divulge to us all of your financial and personal information, this requires a significant amount of trust on your part and it is our responsibility as Fiduciaries to maintain confidentiality and professionalism with your information. You need to feel comfortable divulging information to us, and we need to feel assured that you are providing the full scope information about your life.

2. We will produce a proposal that clearly defines both our and your responsibilities to achieve the highest quality work on your behalf.

3. We will request a lot of data from you by asking you to complete a data questionnaire for our Financial Planning System.

3. We will create accounts and populate our secure database with your data on both our Financial Planning software and our Customer Relationship Management system.

4. We will convert your assets into an initial conservative portfolio, a holding pattern until your Financial Plan provides guidance on the ultimate risk level.

5. Then, we commence with the intensive process of working with you to complete your financial plan. This can take several weeks and at least 2 meetings prior to a successful completion.

6. Next, we prepare a very detailed Investment Policy Statement (IPS) which serves as our guide to investing your assets. This document is updated at least annually.

7. Finally, your funds are invested and we orchestrate any cashflow you require from that point forward. Our clients contact us any time they have questions, or when they need additional cash. Any time the plan veers off course due to life events, they know to contact us immediately so we can mitigate any potential short-fall.

8. We meet with our clients at least annually, we often speak by phone, or communicate via email or text. We send newsletters to keep our clients apprised of current events and new staffing at FNI. An educated client is our best resource!

Would you like to be on our prestigious client list? Contact us and see if we would be a good partner.