What We Do

What We Do

Many employers believe their responsibility to employees is over when they provide employment. Our clients recognize all that can be gained through enriching employees with physical AND financial fitness. Physically and financially fit employees are happier and more productive, with lower turnover rates, and turnover is expensive. Our clients are a special breed of employer— very successful organizations who understand the value in work/life balance.

Let’s face it, it’s impossible to know how to do everything. Even if you were the brightest bulb in the chandelier, you’re not qualified to be a doctor, lawyer AND an Indian chief, so we hire the expertise instead. We all spend so much of our valuable time working to be the best we can be in our fields of study, so having the time to cover other disciplines is just not possible. The world of retirement planning and investing has become very specialized, and this makes financial decisions all the more difficult. How valuable would it be if you could answer several of your financial questions in one hourly meeting? Would it be even more valuable if a qualified advisor set up your investment allocation right in your retirement account? How about your savings? Have you saved enough? Would you like to see a projection of your accounts? How about checking on your beneficiaries and having a discussion about your family’s financial security? Underwater with student loan debt? We cover that as well. In fact, there are many subjects that can be covered, it’s up to your employee and what is most important to them.

Financial Planners provide services that launch your employees on the path to great financial success. From the lowest paid to the highest paid, we can address your employee’s needs. Physically and financially fit employees will be more dedicated members of your organization. You won’t see the value until you try it on for size.

Are you meeting your Fiduciary obligations as a retirement plan sponsor?

Employers are in a difficult position when it comes to their Fiduciary obligation to their employees. Employers are not qualified to provide investment advice, yet that is what employees are seeking. Most plan sponsors rely on their mutual fund company to provide investment education which results in a sea of confusing fund fact sheets. This covers the basic fiduciary responsibility, but doesn’t go far enough to ensure that employees are safely placed in an allocation that matches risk tolerance. Most employees will select funds that performed well in prior years, avoiding funds that will safely balance out the portfolio. This is a risky area for employers. Unfortunately, recent legal actions have resolved in favor of employees who successfully argued that the employer did not provide adequate investments or investment education.

When it comes to investment advice, employ experienced advisors who act in a FIDUCIARY role meeting one-on-one with employees. This provides a good buffer between you and your employees. We, at FNI, will accept the fiduciary role to work directly with your employees. We are both financial planners and investment advisors who provide services that you need to keep your employees financially healthy.